Our Mission

 We do our best to make the best pizza we can using fresh ingredients, from one of our specialty pizzas to a custom built pizza.  We also offer a variety of Mexican items, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, soups, wraps, and specialty oven baked subs.

We appreciate your business!

Jamie and Amanda Grover

220 Central St. ​w


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Our Story

DaRoos History Occasionally in the course of human events, extraordinary men are born. Big men with big visions and big appetites. Men whose zest for life is matched only by their zest for great sporting events and their love of great food. Thankfully, fate brought together two such men on the softball fields of a faraway town called Clearbrook. These two men are the founding fathers of DaRoo’s Pizza – Danny “DaRoo” Lindom & Bob “Bubba” Westrum. Legend says that it all started after a hard-fought battle with a rival ball team – no one is sure where the other team hailed from, though it is believed they were from somewhere nort’a Gully. On that fateful night, DaRoo told Bubba, “what this town needs is a good pizza restaurant!” The Legend was born. From Clearbrook they headed west to the fertile fields of Fosston and then south to conquer Bagley. That was many years ago. DaRoo & Bubba are no longer rolling out the dough as they once did, but their recipes live on today at various DaRoo’s locations – pleasing the appetites of many!